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Thread: Music only coming out of left channel (mono music)

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    Music only coming out of left channel (mono music)

    In-game music only comes out of the left channel even though sound is still set to 2-speaker configuration. All other sound is stereo including the lobby music. The problem started immediately with the deployment of the patch on March 9th.

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    same here, i always broke my computer raging trying to figure out what's the problem with my soud

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    I knew it wasn't just me, kept thinking my headphones were starting to become faulty.

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    +1 Yep, this is a bug, although it only happens when i alt-tab the game.

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    Stupid me, created a post about this because I didn't find one and then I do another search with different key words and puff I find this .

    Anyway I found a way to fix this, at least until you close the game.
    I'll leave what I wrote in my topic here:

    Well this is my first time reporting a bug, so I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to post this but it seemed the best one for my issue.

    What happens is that when I'm playing a game, the music only comes out of my left speaker.
    You may say this is a problem with my headset, which it could be if it weren't for every other sound, either be ingame or not, being OK.
    When I open the client the sound from the menu is fine, the music from when you are picking an hero is also fine, when ingame, the music for the 1st minute, characters dialog, spell, attacks, moving, etc. sounds are also OK.

    The music I'm talking about is the one that starts shortly after the creeps are "released".

    If I go into sound options and press default it changes my output device to 2 speakers or 7.1 speakers, it changes every time I click default, this will fix the sound problem until I close the game, after clicking default I can choose any output device and it will work fine, again only until I close the game.

    Also I tried leaving the output device on 2 speakers since I don't notice any difference between it and headset but it still happens.

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    Same thing happening to me. Can't wait until it gets fixed

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    Same problem, please help me fix it

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