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Thread: Unique hero battle music

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    I really would like a song for every hero, but it seems highly unlikely.

    But it could have a song for each category and its axis: Str, Agi and Int; Radiant and Dire.

    What I mean by music to Str?
    Perhaps with songs of battle, with instruments/effects with powerful drums, horns, etc..

    Agi, a music style more "stealth like."

    Int, the more erudite, mysterious and strange, the better.

    Or, after organized the Lore of Dota 2, by race.

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    It would be really good to see, they could actually do this, If the tracks have low duration.
    But it must only play in certain conditions that are very restrictive so they don't get mixed, such as a rampage.
    But even rampage can be heard twice at the same time by diferent heroes, but it's very unlikely, i can't think of any unique case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crabsmack View Post

    Cool idea, but honestly with 108 heroes it is highly unlikely they would be distinctive at all- not to mention the work involved for Valve.
    This. Also, im betting that many people might just ignore it, or that they would go "oh, okay." I mean, not many really listen to dota music much when playing.

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