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Thread: How to increase FPS Guide

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    How to increase FPS Guide

    I've been struggling to increase my FPS because I have a very old weak PC
    If you're like me, then here's a tip for you Low End Users!


    When you turn off your theme, it will make your windows look like win98. It increases the performance of your PC by sacrificing quality.

    Here's how you do it

    Control Panel > System OR Right click your "My Computer/Computer" folder > Properties

    Then on the left panel click "Advance system settings" > Advance tab > Performance settings > Visual effects tab > Choose Adjust for best performance > Apply

    2nd:Lower the settings of your Graphic Card

    When I right click on my desktop I can open my ATI Catalyst Control Center. (here's what it looks like

    Find your graphic card settings then Set stuff to improve performance

    3rd:Scan for viruses,malware,etc...

    4rd:Close all unwanted programs

    Gamebooster does it for me. If you wanna do it manually go for it

    5th:Update your drivers

    Just google it, I'm pretty sure its not that hard for you

    6th:Set your Power Plan for Best Performance

    Control Panel > Power Options > Pick or create a Plan

    Now that we tweaked our PC for its best performance, time to tweak Dota 2

    Set launch options

    Open Steam > Go to Library > Right click Dota 2 > Properties > Set launch option

    Here's mine

    -novid -high -console -noforcemaccel -w 640 -dxlevel 81 -16bpp
    (just copy paste it into your set launch options if you want to)

    novid ( no valve guy on starting the game )

    high (set your dota 2 priority to high)

    console (enables console) - This is optional if you want to include this or no

    noforcemaccel ( i forgot what it does, doesnt even know if it helps, your choice though if you want to include this xD no harm done)

    -w 640 (Set your resolution) - I pick the lowest resolution because of my crappy PC but if you want to put it higher just chance 640 to 800 or even higher

    -dxlevel 81 (sets your directX level to 8.1 to decrease graphics therefore higher FPS)

    -16bpp (Run dota 2 in 16bit) - If you want to run it on 32bpp just put -32bpp instead

    Turn down all your settings in Dota 2

    Do this when you start the game, because when you are ingame or spectating, when you change the settings for some reason it crashes (black screen)

    Turn Vsync OFF

    Didn't change things for me, but I read that it worked dramatically for some people so try it

    And then there you go.

    P.S. I'm not professional at these kind of stuff, so feel free to correct what stuff I wrote

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    I have this strange periodic FPS drop every 10 - 15 seconds. I'm using a Nvidia GT 240 in a Intel Core2Duo system. Dota 2 settings doesn't seem to affect my FPS. In lower settings max = 60, low = 21. In almost everything high: 1080p, everything high except the additive light pass max = 52, low = 19. Only thing is the above mentioned periodic FPS drop. Every 10 - 15 second FPS drops to about 20 and then goes back up to 40 or higher. Can someone help me regarding this?

    Thanks in advanced.

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    same problem

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    We need developer comment on these above mentioned solution for fps.

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    no you dont you can simply do some trial and error to see what benefits if any occur. some of them will provide some increase in performance but theres more you can do with editing the ingame cvar values without playing in a incredibly low resolution.

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    I play dota 2 on a PC with Ubuntu (Linux) , and the command "-high" seems useless when I check the System's tasks. I would like to know other way to change the priority of the game without manual settings. Thanks.

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