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Thread: The Guild System Needs to Come Back to Reborn

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    The Guild System Needs to Come Back to Reborn

    Hello everyone,

    It has been a while since I posted on these forums and played the game. If anyone remembers me, I made the suggestion during Dota 2 Beta to add the Guild/Clan system into the game.

    It is quite sad to see it go as it had so much potential to grow into something more than just a closed society for friends or players.

    During Dota 2's development a lot has changed, from items, loot boxes, arcade mode, and so much more. But during that time the Clan/Guild feature never kept up with these changes. In many regards it was an old system that never adapted to the changing environment of the game.

    Despite the low amount of players using the feature, I think it was a feature heading in the right direction and did not receive much attention from gamers. That is both our flaut for not noticing and the developers for not making the feature more accessible and displayed.

    I think having a clan or a guild is something to be proud of and something players should take pride in when they join one. But with the old system there was little incentive for one to join a random group to play Dota when there was a matchmaker that would pair up players based on a MMR system. In the past, if this was Dota 1, the clan/feature would have been a great hit as match making and skill based gameplay was not as developed as it was today.

    But I think we need to see beyond the skilled based match matching and adapt the Clan/Guild system to this new era of making it fair to players who play.

    Here are some suggestions to once again make a modern and update to date guild system.

    1. Give players who join guilds an incentive, such as
    • Guild leveling rewards
    • Guild hero armor
    • Guild pets
    • Guild loading screens
    • Guild flags
    • Guild music

    2. You can help the guild level up by playing games, within a group, or solo depending on your choice. Now outside of leveling our own profile, when you join a clan/guild your games will also add experience to the clan/guild. Over time your clan/guild will gain benefits.

    3. The Arcade is a great place to form guilds because there are games modes that require working together and coming up with strategies.
    3.1 The reason why you want a guild system in the first place is because the friendlist system is NOT a good place for keeping random strangers.
    3.2 The Chat Channels are great and I seen many interactions between players, but they are not as special or meaningful as being part of something.

    4. Guild Calendar and Event posting.

    Lets face it, playing with friends is a hard task and making a time where players should meet is something many games lack these days. A calender that allows players to check mark saying they are playing on X days would allow players to meet up more effectively instead of playing random games with strangers.

    For example, In the Calendar the Leader or Co Leaders can do the following:

    The guild is active on Monday-Night, Wednesday-Night, Friday-Night, Sunday-All Day.

    Players can do the following:

    Player X posts a request to play Element Tower Defense on Sunday-Open All Day

    Player N(s) check the box and say they would like to join on that day.

    Calender shows there are currently 27 players willing to play Element Tower Defense on Sunday.

    Now everytime you log in, your news feed will now have a notification saying: Element Tower Defense on Sunday.

    You get the idea.

    5. Rethink how Premade Groups should work.

    Again this falls into giving players an incenvtive to use the system. In League of Legends there are seasonal rewards for grouping up and playing with friends. Again, this is a fairly popular feature in League of Legends. But the point here is, if given an incentive to use the system people will do so.

    5.1 Remember how Dota 2 events worked? There were events where players collected gems, items and etc and used them to create a new item. Why not give players who join guilds a small chance to obtain a guild crafting item. Players will need to work together and collect X number of items. When players receive the item they can donate it towards their guild bank and the news feed will show the contributions from clan/guild members. When X number of items have been collected, something special will happen.

    Maybe the guild all receives an EXP boost to level their profiles faster, everyone in the guild gets a loot box to get an item, or the guild gets a trophy to be placed beside their names. Anything that will make players feel connected without always talking promotes an healthy community.

    5.2 Rethink how acheivements are made

    Many times, achievements are based on solo play and never based on team work or outside the MMR system. There should be acheivements that rewards players for having fun. Working in a guild is a place where MMR is not the only thing that matters, maybe incorporate rewards such as:

    Play a game with 5 Carries and Win.
    Play a game with 5 Supports and Win.
    Play a game where you lost but lasted over one hour.
    Play a game where you lost but lasted over two hours.

    5.3 Record Breaking System

    I took this from Element Tower Defense's mechanics

    In this game mode, it would show if a player surpassed their past achievements. If a player got a higher level than before it would say in game, "Player X has broken their RECORD at level X"
    I think notes like these are always encouraging and helpful in motivating players to play.

    5.3.1 Do not make Record Breaking compared to other players

    I think many games fail to realize that Record Breaking should not be about how you compare to other players, it is something all players should be comparing with themselves. If Player X keeps receiving notfications their healing improved, their DPS improved, or etc it really helps them feel they are doing well in a game.

    5.3.2 Let players be known for breaking their records.

    This is where the News Feed has a purpose. The News Feed should show these personal achievements and let players like them and say congratulations.

    6. Finding a guild/clan should be EASY

    This is always a problem in the old system and in newer systems, where does one find the right minded people?

    When one creates a guild there are be PRESET values/labels that the creator must set before they can create a guild.

    Values such as: Helpful, Competitive, Friendly, Hard-Core, Casual, Fun, Serious, Funny, Quiet, Weekend Warriors, Ladderboard climbers, Aracde Junkies, etc

    Leaders must chose 3-4 the most important values before ANY clan/guild is created.

    Now when players want to find a clan/guild they know what they are expecting.

    7. The Clan/Guild Tab Should be Near the Top of the Reborn UI

    Make the tab SEEABLE AND APPROACHABLE, before it was rarely seen in the old UI.

    Anyway, that is all, thank you and give me your thoughts below.
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