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    Lock Screen

    Im partial to being able to lock your screen to your Heroes.
    Its very useful when in combat to be able to focus on the task at hand, rather then moving your screen around.
    I play with a G13 gamepad, so I find it even easier to navagate the screen, but at the same time working to many mechanics at once results in failure.
    Lock screen to me just seems user friendly.
    At the same time, if such a thing was implemented, give the ability to lock and unlock your screen with a hot-key.
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    I'm not in front of the game right now, but I though that double-clicking on your hero portrait did this?
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    this isn't league of legends. Camera lock is a bad habit <Insert more generic replys>

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    Yes sir, you are correct.
    I figured it out last game I had played.
    Unfortunate for me it seems as tho I must click hold my portrait then drag my cursor onto the screen.
    I will have to try the double click method.


    Although it seems the lock screen is not like the conventional lock screen like LoL, SOTIS, HoN and BoI, which I have all played.
    This lock screen seems to be live, or have like a smart feature to it.
    It feels as tho the screen moves towards a nearby enemy or event.
    Maybe im going crazy, but if this a smart lock screen, its bad a**.
    Each of the MOBA's I named kinda of have its own lock screen methods, but are similar.
    LoL and BoI both have lock screens with simple hot keys "Best Feature"
    SOTIS you have to hold the button down. "Inconvenient, but its there and it works"
    HoN you must enter your options to enable and disable. "Worst case, but its there if you want to use it"

    DOTA2's lock to me has just a couple flaws.

    First, not having lock screen on simple hot-key can easily tilt the competition.
    How so ?
    Lets just say DOTA2's current lock screen execution takes at most 2 seconds "40-50 APM player"
    You can be annihilated in less time.
    Im top lane, and currently nothing much is happening.
    I decided to take a moment and roam the map to make sure everything is ok in the other lanes.
    Suddenly 2-3 members of the apposing teams comes in for a gank on me.
    The time it takes me to lock screen with the current method in DOTA2 or simply scrolling over to the mini map a click my position to save myself im already dead.
    Hot-key lock on happens in fractions of second, given me the other fractions on those seconds to save myself, or at least go down with a fight.

    Second, DOTA2's lock screen seems to disable itself if your mouse moves to far off to the side.
    Some make like the feature allowing them to keep track of the enemy, where as if I wanted my screen to move, I would move, or I would hot-key off my lock screen.
    To many times I took of my lock screen accidentally, leading to more harm then good.


    I dont mean to be rude, but you would make an awful business man.

    Unfortunately for you my good man, your hotel just went bankrupt and your clients are all mine.
    Why ?
    I have free wi-fi and you don't.
    Thank you for being so ignorant.

    Fall behind in the gaming industry and you comes to terms that you should not have even tried in the first place.
    Its called "Keepin up with the Jones'"
    The more "generic" features and game has to another the more likely of success.
    Once you have the peoples attention, you make your changes, and VERY small ones at that.
    No lock screen does not feel right to me, and im partial to my lock screen capabilities.

    Im pleased that you decided to use LoL as well.
    League of Legends is currently leading the MOBA industry to new highest, and if you cant keep up with them, then you better back out now.
    This one simple teeny tiny feature will determine as to whether or not I stay in this community.
    Sure I am but one person.
    Obviously you could careless, but I tell ya, LoL likes my minimum $300 contribution to their game, and im happy.
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    Just add this in the game play options. This does not unfairly give people an advantage. Imo, it's a disadvantage, since I just press space-bar twice to center on my hero. Being able to make sure where what's happening on other parts of the map is very important. The only valid disagreement I see with this is that it promotes bad game play. So, it shouldn't be default. Also, lol at the op and his pointless ramblings.

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    bind dota_smart_camera_toggle to a key

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    I made a similar thread

    You do it by double tapping your hero select button, default 1, but the camera is almost useless because it' doesn't actually center on your hero, it just follows them about 2 seconds behind, and ends up being useless for everything you want a hero follow camera to do.

    The hero follow camera is really important, and a lot of players spend most of their time in HoN holding C and in LoL holding Space, or whatever they've rebound those keys to.

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    you can modify that so your hero is in the center with dota_camera_lock_view_helper 0 it will disable the lag, also if you change the dota_camera_lock_view_helper_ratio to 0 or 0.2 it won't lag so far behind, you can also change the dota_camera_lock_mouse_lead to 200 or greater but view_helper will have to be set to 1

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