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Thread: Dota 2 Launcher + Consistent UI Suggestion (PICTURES!)

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    Laptop? how are you gonna play at 1080p with a laptop :S. Anyways having a launcher just make things more tedious if you have performance problems then lower your graphic settings.

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    No. Launchers are just a bad tone in programming. Remember LoL with it's AIR (Flash) launcher and different module for the "game" which is unable to cache all game resources in memory because of this and takes too much time for every game load. Sick!
    It's good how it's now in dota 2 (lobby still need a lot of improvements).

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    The other thing is that you can actually be in the lobby while the game is running in the background, so from programming concept, it makes sense to not have that seperated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d.phoenixxx View Post
    Its abit early to suggest these changes.

    There is still a whole blank Socialize tab and we have no idea what they will put there.

    Perhaps we should wait and see before suggesting major stuff?

    Shut your and keep reading

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