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Thread: (suggestion) more reactive bots

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    (suggestion) more reactive bots

    whenever I play with bots to practice, and i ping for an attack the bots will only attempt to attack the tower or hero for a few seconds then change lanes and attack a different target and leaving you to die to the enemy bots, it would be nice if we could have the bots stay with an attack for longer, and also continue pushing if all enemy hero's are dead

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    Yes, this is pretty annoying. It's especially annoying when they are there and you start the fight and are insta-gib. THEN notice that your whole team is already half-way down lane when you died, retreating for no apparent reason.

    Not sure if it's the cause, but maybe they don't calculate you into the threat level very well. Possibly they don't factor in human players all that well when calculating their chances of winning the fight because they aren't certain you will be of help to them or that you will even engage.

    I would say it's safe to assume that with easy mode, if the human players are with the bot mates and they're close to the enemies, that bots will always assume the human is likely to engage, even in bad situations, because noobs are very uneducated with threat levels.

    With that being said, maybe an adjustment to all bot difficulties that when within range of human team mates who are in range of the enemy team, will always stay within a close distance of the human players, should they remain in that position. This should prevent early abandonments like OP mentions.

    Edit: I've also noticed that sometimes a specific bot will leave while the whole team is defending a tower before the pushing team actually gets there.

    For example: Tidehunter, a very important hero during a team fight, leaves T2 bottom tower to go buy Hyperstone out of the secret shop. As a result Tide is soo far away from the tower when the push actually gets there. The remaining team mates are wiped and the tower is destroyed. A couple of things can remedy this: 1) Prioritize defending over needing an item, even if the push isn't there. 2) Bots use courier (obviously not in the game yet) for secret shop purchases, especially when they're also trying to defend a tower.
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    With the new updates I find that the bots are even less responding to pings. Espescially if they are in "push" mode (which is ridiculous enough when they are standing outside the base waiting for christmas) they don't react to pings at all. They espescially ignore defending towers when they are obviously not able to push the raxes (they should not leave the base when their creeps are dead and the enemy team is still dead but that's another issue).

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