From the 6.74 Dota 1, the Morphling:

"- Morph passively grants 3/4/5/6 agility and strength"

This bonus in Dota 1 is put on hero stats NOT in the "green" stats. So you can 'play around' (morf) with those stats to, stronger adaptive strike etc.

In Dota 2 they are put in the green stats so the Morph ability can't play with those stats - "Bonus agility or strength from items can't be converted"

Thank you.

PS: New to the forum so don't know where to put this.. but what about a timer for the Morphling ultimate so you see how many sec you got left till you can use the Replicate ability for epic saves etc etc.
(in Dota 1 you got like the seconds display thing above the head)