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Thread: Dota 2 trading with a friend

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    Dota 2 trading with a friend

    Hi, my name is Alan and on the 27/06/2016 I traded an item with a friend, the item in question is the Genuine Skittering Desolation that I've bought from the community market prior and have waited for it to become tradable and giftable. However, After accepting the trade, the usual email of confirming trade came up. I have selected "Send Trade Offer" to accept the trade I was partaking, however my friend has not received a similar email and the item is now lost within the system. Will my friend eventually get the item? Or will I get it back? How can I make this trade go through??

    Originally I was going to gift it, but since we haven't been friends on steam for 1 year, it did not allow me to gift the item.

    Thanks in advance


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