When you get a Lesser Maim or Greater Maim proc on an enemy as e.g. Troll Warlord, and then switch to melee, the already placed maims update immediately to the melee value.

Another issue is, if 2 heroes, one ranged and one melee, attack the same unit while having sange-based items, the proc of e.g. the ranged hero will refresh the proc of the melee hero, and will not update the slow values to ranged. This way, the ranged hero effectively slows for the melee value.

1. Pick Troll Warlord and level up Berserker's Rage
2. Buy Sange, Heaven's Halberd or Sange & Yasha
3. Attack an enemy until maim procs
4. While the enemy has the maim debuff, switch to melee form
5. Check the debuff

Result: The Maim debuff which was applied while being in ranged form immediately updates its values to melee values as soon as Troll switches to melee.

Expected: Already placed Maim debuffs should not update. If it was placed while ranged, it should slow for ranged values, no matter what happens with the hero who placed it. Furthermore, the debuff should only update upon getting refreshed. I.e., if 2 heroes, one ranged and one melee, attack the same unit with Sange-based items, the Maim debuff should update based on the range type of the latest proc.

So 3 expected behaviors:

1. Check for attacking unit's range type upon projectile launch, not upon impact
2. Do not update already placed debuffs if the attacking unit's range type changes
3. Update debuff only if a unit of the other range type gets a proc on the same unit while the previous debuff is still present