I'm curious about whether or not this system had anything to do with the treasures we received while leveling. I'm asking because i used most of my T1 treasures to level up, to try to get more T1 treasures before that whole rarity system changed and people were given rares they should have received. I'm like level 660 something n never got any rares from cache (i get that) or T1 as i've opened like 20 something i think? is it really that rare, cuz i feel like more people i know r getting something rare... and with the escalating odds i got the very rare/rare of the T2 so i'm not complaining about that. But if i consumed T1 treasures before rares were re-awarded to people, would they not show up in my inventory??? i just feel like 20 something in a row is a lot to not get at least 1 rare.