My Steam user name is Doomlegion. Today I bought a 5 battle pass level pack for $2.49

Transaction ID: 740095905314519601
Purchased: Jul 2, 2016 @ 7:27pm

The game then gave me a notification telling me that it is unable to add the levels and has been added to armory to manually activate them so i went to armory and tried to activate it but the response from game was nothing. It did not give me levels and just continues to stay in my inventory even after countless restarts and computer reboots.

Now onto the more important reason why I am writing this complaint is due to the fact that I cannot buy the %60 off weekend sale for $14.99 for the 50 levels. Now normally this would be no problem for me I would wait until this is resolved but since this is a weekend deal and it will be gone after this I am going to need a coupon for the 50 battle levels plus the 2-Immortal Treasure I, 2-Immortal Treasure II, And finally 2-Collectors Cache. All for 14.99 please. I have already missed out on potential awards for instance my latest game I won hands down and could have easily gained experience, tokens and any other things the battle pass has to offer during games such as quest completion. Please respons As soon as possible I would love to get back to gaming. In the mean time I will resort to my other games until this is fixed.