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Thread: 6.88 New Builds Bugs (New Thread, List)

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    6.88 New Builds Bugs (New Thread, List)


    As it seems that developers don't look at previous topic, I gathered all the bugs here in this topic:

    • Witch Doctor: Problem with Mechanism (needs two branches, stuck with 3 recipes!)
    • Sven: Problem with Assault (He stuck with this items even with more than 8K gold: Helm, Boot, Sabre, Dagger, BKB, Platemail)
    • Zeus: Conflict of Aether lens And Refresher (His Build conflicts with Refresher. so Perseverance interrupts creating Aether lens. The second Perseverance Corrects the problem of lens but the refresher becomes the problem.)
    • Chaos knight: Problem with Drum of Endurance (sometimes he forget bracelet)
    • Blood Seeker: Problem with Abyssal Blade: He stuck with Basher, ring of health and vitality booster (no stout shield)
    • Axe: After Buying Dagger, Blade Mail, Boot, Stout shield, he stops buying any item (with over 7K gold)

    Very Bad Builds (So far):
    • Sniper: Shadow Blade (and the silver Edge) is a must for AI Sniper.
    • Axe: Without vanguard he is so squashy that any hero can kill him (He converted from God AI to Trash AI)
    • Vengeful: She goes for Aether witch is a waste for AI like her. Her previous build was much much better (Desolator, Aghanim)

    I should mention that I play 3 to 4 sets every day (Bad Ping For real Dota2 ) and this knowledge comes from hundreds of hours of play.

    Please correct the bugs and possibly return the builds of mentioned heroes.

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