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    Low Priority

    Dear Dota

    I am requesting you to check match before Landing low priority Axe on someone head , i just get off the LP after two days and next hour i find same problem again .. If some one report about me check his support for team ..
    just by voting and kill that man is not good , i play solo some time but to change enemy diversion . so they attack me and my team get save . but team always said i am feeding them

    please help me about it


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    i agree with you... the fck this developers.... i abandoned 1 game cause there was going to be a power failure in my area and we were asked to off all our electrical and electronic appliances... but it shows i abandoned 2 games... if they look at the second game, i reconnected into the game and completed it. i been on low priority for a week playing single draft matches.. they put you on low priority but nobody commends you for your ultra kills or rampage to get you back on top... check my records and see... thats why i dont really like dota 2.. its no better then dota 1... there is no proper management from dota 2.. a total failure

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    Dear administrator
    I had some problems with my computer. The problem was in video driver. I could not see what I do in game. That's why I must leave some games. No I must to play 5 Low Priority match. But I am not to blame for the current problem. So I ask to take away my punishment.
    Thank you for understanding.

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