The inaugural Battle Cup approaches! We’ll be running a technical test today (July 11) in the test client at 3:00PM Pacific. We’ll share more details about how the Battle Cup will work in the main client in a more detailed FAQ later; this announcement covers only what you need to know to participate in the beta test.

To encourage players to participate in the test, tournament champions will be awarded 5 levels per player (25 per team) on their Battle Pass in the main client.

The Battle cup is a single elimination tournament of eight teams. Once a team enters the tournament, its roster is fixed, so please set aside enough time to play up to 3 captain's mode games. Also, you will need a full party of five. Battle Cup matchmaking builds tournaments from compatible teams, but does not assist with team formation. There is an in-game meetup chat channel to help you find teammates.

For this technical test, we will not be taking tickets, eligibility requirements will not be enforced, and players of all skill levels will be assigned to the same tournament tier.

The Battle cup schedule will be organized into 4 divisions based on time zone. Today’s test will not follow the usual schedule, and will only be available in the Americas division, so we can monitor things during our office hours and respond to issues. Your ping to at least one of the eligible server regions (US East, US West, and South America) should be <150ms.

Ordinary matchmaking will be disabled in the test client during the test, although you can make a private lobby to test server connectivity, keybinds, etc.

Depending on how this test goes, we might need to run more than one test. We'll update this post with more information as necessary.

Participation slots in this test will be very limited. Have your team ready to enter the queue right when the registration window opens! Teams that join late will probably not get a slot.

Edit 12:45PST: The test client is now available. Download it!

There are no level requirements and you do not have to own a battle pass for this test. There are no hard region restrictions, just be aware that the only eligible server regions are US West, US East, and Brazil.