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Thread: [Confirmed] Charge of Darkness always goes on cooldown on death

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    [Confirmed] Charge of Darkness always goes on cooldown on death

    Spirit breakers charge goes on cooldown every time he dies.
    Happened to me when I bought back and couldn't charge for some reason, even though charge was off cooldown when I died.

    1. Pick Spirit Breaker and level up Charge of Darkness
    2. Die
    3. Buy back
    4. Try to use Charge of Darkness

    Result: You can't use it. The death put the ability in cooldown. Even if your charge was already on cooldown from a previous cast, dying will restart the cooldown.

    Expected: Spells should only go on cooldown when used (in this case, when finished, i.e., when the charge gets canceled or ends by reaching the target).

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    Spirit Breaker: Charge of darkness reset cooldown to 12s when he die.

    As the tittle.
    I've just notice that eachtime Spirit breaker die. His first skill charge of darkness reset cooldown to 12s no matter that the previous cooldown has done or not.
    Find out in this video.

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