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Thread: Battle Cup Complain

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    Battle Cup Complain

    1> Please make Battle cup only for battle pass users. There will alot of headache with pinoys in SEA Region.
    2> I live in india and The Timing To play Battle Cup is just horrible for us which is 2:30/14:30 IST
    3> how much cups can we play in a day? wat if we join a series and the series got Canceled because some other team left and battle cup deadline is over then how me and my party will be able to play battlecup because of others noobness.

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    In order to play in the Battle Cup players need to purchase a ticket. Battle Pass owners get 1 ticket by default. Tickets are not tradeable or giftable. But you can purchase tickets for others during setting up.
    There is a 30 minute time window for you to register when the Battle Cup starts. After the 30 minute time window it is no longer possible to sign up.
    After signing up there will be a tournament set up between 8 teams. If your opposing team leaves you get a default win.
    India's player count is too small. A lot of people already do MM abuse on servers with low playerbase.

    I speculate you can only participate in 1 Battle Cup per weekend.
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    My Team win Battle Cup On Quarter Final. But we noticed as loser there? and we can't play to SemiFinal?
    What Happen to the game? our recent game tell us that we win the game.
    can u help us please?
    SEA Server. our Team called WeLoveAllies
    and we fought against Aqua Team.
    They said gg and their Ancient was ruined. then we go dc ed. then we told that we lost?
    help us. this is not fair. please reply this message as soon as possible. because we are waiting and confused..

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