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Thread: We WON but didnt get reward

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    Jul 2016
    Winner of Southeast Asia division tier 4.
    Tournament ID: 69456
    TEAM NAME: #hash Tag#
    match ID: 2358030094
    Date /Time: 30-07-2016/18:08

    Fix it!!!! .......

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    Jul 2016
    me and my team hopes this will get fix as soon as possible as well.

    Team name: Team Nvidia
    Tournament ID: 72154
    Grand Finals Match ID: 2538083060

    Players Dota2 ID:

    Mavis Vermillion: 219596155
    Eve <3 (or JoKeR in the photo): 250916187
    ON GAME: 195507515
    SeekNDeSTroY: 233023311
    s6<3: 174382489

    As a champion in Battle Cup, we don't want to risk losing with a free battle cup ticket. We don't want a refund, but the respective rewards that we should get. We hope for your kind consideration.


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