As said in subject line, it takes one trillion games to reach dota level 20.

Because the vast majority of games give ZERO trophy points. Wins give no trophy points. Losses give no trophy points. High priority, with no abandons, and won the game, and still no trophy points.

Any nobody seems to care.

No new players who come to dota will ever be able to play ranked again.

Dota will slowly die as old veteran players grow up, get married, and start families, and none of their kids will ever be able to play ranked.

Because it is impossible to get dota level 20 with this bug.

And nobody seems to care.

If Valve's own CEO was to make a new account right now, he would never each level 20 even if he played ten thousand games. He would never play ranked. He would forever be known as the guy nobody ever knew, because he can't play ranked, and his MMR was exactly zero, because he could never get dota level 20.

And nobody seems to care.