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Thread: [Confirmed] Lone Druid's bear can be recall after getting dmg

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    [Confirmed] Lone Druid's bear can be recall after getting dmg

    ID 2510416009. timing 0:50
    ID 2487239364, timing 8:30

    1. Pick Lone Druid and summon the bear
    2. Re-cast Summon Spirit Bear
    3. During the cast animation, make the bear take damage

    Result: The spell still gets cast, even though the bear took damage.

    Expected: The spell should periodically check if the bear took damage, even during the cast time, and should cancel the cast if it did take damage.

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    Small bug.

    The spell checks whether the bear took damage or not upon giving the cast order. It does not periodically check it. So if the cast of Summon Spirit Bear already began before the bear took damage, then it won't be canceled.
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