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Thread: [Confirmed] First strike on Razors Eye of the Storm does not reduce armor.

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    [Confirmed] First strike on Razors Eye of the Storm does not reduce armor.

    On the first strike Eye of the Storm only applies its debuff to the target without reducing the armor by 1

    1) Play Razor in demo mode
    2) Cast Eye of the strom next to any enemy
    3) Watch the debuff and armor value of the target
    This is easier to observe with 'host_timescale 0.3'

    Armor only gets reduced by the second and following hits. The first hit still deals its damage.

    First hit should behave like the others.

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    The armor reduction should happen after the damage, but the first strike should still reduce armor. So if this gets fixed, they probably also have to swap the order of events, because currently, it first applies the -armor and then the damage, but starts at 0 armor reduction so effectively it's like "damage first, then armor reduction".
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