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Thread: Won battle cup but did not get 15 lvls

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    Jul 2016

    Angry Won battle cup but did not get 15 lvls

    steam profile id 75359954
    steam match id 2524028648
    please solve this problem and bring the reward!

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    Jul 2015
    If you're still having problems, check out this dev thread and post your issue on that thread:

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    hi i win but i don't win 15 lvl compendium
    my id profile 170689144
    id macth 2524458097

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    Known bug, they said they had fixed it. but maybe not. I think last time they gave lost XP. Search forum for it
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    Same problem with me and my team.
    My ID: 164884100
    Final Cup Match ID: 2524484049

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    Same problem here with team
    Tournament ID: 50260
    Final match id: 2524057728

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    Here the same:
    Final match id: 2524030660

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    same here we won battle cup but no 15 BP lvl

    ID : 140278102

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    We dint got it still.
    Tournament id : 50832
    Final match id: 2524100293
    ID: 98046714
    ID: 138537019
    ID: 147702622
    ID: 105508342
    ID: 152700607

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    Same here ive met several winners today in american division. No one has gotten their points. My team also won and none of us have the 15 levels.
    Tournament id:56789
    Quarter Final id:2524307617
    Semi-Final id:2524386861
    Final match id:2524457328

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