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Thread: [Suggestion] Steam controller support for SFM2

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    [Suggestion] Steam controller support for SFM2

    I think I'd be cool to have Steam controller support for SFM2.

    -Bind camera translation and rotation to the thumbpads, then have to motion-sensors add X/Y offset tracks, for a little bit of hand-held feel.
    -Bind misc. editing functions to the controller buttons and maybe push the SFM2 session to a big screen TV, to see how it looks on a big screen?

    The mind boggles at the possibilities...

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    I was thinking, putting movement on the left pad. Will need a rework, from what DotA uses now though. Then using the right pad, to aim attacks, climb and search the field with. The only thing is, limited amount of buttons, because the shop item bindings. So maybe limiting them also, so boots and make you run, weapons are passive and so on. Reworking the movement will be the hardest part, simply because point and click.

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    The plus-sign looking pad with 4 buttons on the bottom portion from an Xbox controller can be used for items in your bag, similar to call of duty grenade launcher/carepackage activation controls etc.

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