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Thread: How do I make a block hollow in SFM2 Hammer?

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    How do I make a block hollow in SFM2 Hammer?

    Maybe I'm stupid, but I haven't found an option to make a block hollow in SFMReborn.

    Is that not a function anymore?

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    Going to need more information as this might not be the correct forum.

    As someone who is not used to hammer,

    What is your end goal?
    Is this sfm related?

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    If it isn't the right one I apologize, but there are no other Source 2 Hammer forums that I've found. Hammer came with the SFM-Reborn.

    In hammer ( the Source one) you can make a block hollow. This is useful for creating large rooms to place props, etc. But in the Source 2 Hammer there is no option to make a block hollow. Just wondering if they removed that option or it's just not obvious. my end to make a hollow structure?

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    Castiel123, for making a hollow block, it's quite simple. There are several methods, I'll tell you the easiest one:

    If you intent on putting stuff inside the block: Make a block, press "3" on your keyboard (face selection), select a face and hit ctrl+a to select all faces. Press "F". This will flip all the faces of the block inward. There you have it! It's not the "hollow" option like in Source 1, but it works similarly. This, of course, only gives you inward-facing faces. If you wanted both inward and out ward, you'll have to duplicate the box and flip the faces back so that you have faces on both side of the cube. Hope that helped!

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    Excellent, thank you Toyoka!

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