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Thread: Animated texture?

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    Animated texture?

    I'm trying to either get a self illum going or an animated texture. I tried looking for the options here in enigma's vmat to see what it looked like:


    But because all those core files are on lockdown or something, I can't see the variables used to get the same effect in this tower model:


    Can anyone help me out? I tried using the default global lit shader, but it doesn't have the same options. I can do a scroll UV and paint out the red in the tower (which is what I want to look similar to enigma's) but then it scrolls the whole uv underneath. In enigma's it scrolls that "detail" file.

    I would think that I can get the same effect as engima in the hero shader.

    edit: So I got the self illum to work by adding it as a self illum mask. But I still can't figure out how to scroll a detail behind part of the material like enigma's vmat.

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    Nevermind, I figured it out oddly enough.

    In order to get it to work:

    NOTES: you must be using the hero shader and you need to know what some of these terms are (I did/do not lmao)

    1) You need to enable 1 mask.

    2) under detail, add self illum

    3) In the variables, for detail mask, you want to put a black and white image. Where you want the texture to scroll, will be painted white, where you dont want it to scroll, will be painted black. Scroll speed is dependent on the shade of the color. So grey is slower than white and black does not scroll. But this speed is only relevant to the areas around it. The actual speed is not dependent on the color.

    4) add the detail image. This image is what is going to be scrolling underneath the material.

    5) You can hit one of the downwards arrows by any of those attributes in the detail image. In order for it to scroll, you will need to use either offset or rotation.

    6) You can enter any expression that you can makeup from this reference sheet:

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