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Thread: This forum has been hacked! Change your password immediately!

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    Angry This forum has been hacked! Change your password immediately!

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    And for petes sake, if your forum account shares a password with your e-mail, change your e-mail password as well.

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    But how do we know if any of you is the REAL you?

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    this is fucking garbage from valve do you know how many accounts i use with my email??!

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    Chalk one more up for Volvo screw-ups. Thanks Volvo!

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    It was really only a matter of time before someone took advantage of the fact that nobody at Valve even remembers this forum exists.

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    I've lost access to my account on this forum and I can't log in.

    I got the email saying the forum had been hacked, and that my password was reset. But that email didn't contain the new "reset" password.

    When I come here, and try my old password, it doesn't work... obviously.

    When I click the link "forgot password", it says it has sent me an email with instructions to reset my password, but I don't receive that email. Checked my spam folder too. I've tried it five times now, about an hour between each attempt, so it's supposedly sent me the instructions 5 times this morning but I haven't gotten any email yet.

    So I created this forum account just so I could come here and say this. ;p

    Other than that, just a word to all of you: make sure your email address's password is NEVER used on any website. Otherwise, a hacker who hacks your password on any of those websites could gain access to your email account, and use it to verify his identity on every website that you have an account on.

    That's why I always add an extra "1" to the end of my email address's password so that it is different from my forum password, and is thus unhackable. Ha ha, just kidding.

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    Yeah, same problem.. how can i reset my password? Never receive the email

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    Requesting new password worked fine for me. Maybe the problem is e-mail provider specific.
    Which e-mail provider are you using for your account? I used and it worked fine.
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