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Thread: [Confirmed] Storm Spirit can dodge Dagon with Lightning Ball

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    [Confirmed] Storm Spirit can dodge Dagon with Lightning Ball

    Storm Spirit can dodge Dagon with Lightning Ball but he shouldn't be able to do it since Dagon's damage is applied instantly.

    I'm not sure how to reproduce that bug. It happened to me in a match so I think it's better to post the video here:

    Either Dagon shouldn't have gone into cooldown or Storm Spirit should have taken the damage and died.

    Hope to see that get fixed soon,
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    Last time I tried it (and failed), I was gonna assume the Pipe of Omni blocked it. But now after looking at it again, I found the replay and it was not Pipe. Pipe was used a few seconds earlier and was consumed by the Starfall.

    Then I tried it again in a lobby and managed to do it. Dagon is infact dodgeable with spell immunity and invulnerability (of any kind). It requires precise timing.

    Basically, Dagon works like Laguna Blade and Finger of Death. It places a debuff on the target and deals its damage when the debuff expires. The debuff lasts exactly for 1 server tick (0.03 seconds), while the debuff of laguna and finger last for 0.25 seconds.

    Since Dagon is supposed to be "instant" in Dota2, it being dodgeable like this is probably not intended.

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    storm spirit/puck/any else hero interaction with dagon

    recently i have played tinker against storm spirit and at one moment somehow he dodged the dagon damage. but i have tested working principle of dagon and found that dagon's damage come instantly.
    first video - dagon working at host_timescale 0.001 (you can skip to 1:00)
    second video - game moment where storm dodged the damage at demo_timescale 0.01 (you can skip to 0:42)
    match id - 2691710939. its available now, but just in case i put it to the cloud storage, you can get it at
    explain please how its possible?

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    Dagon places a debuff on the target which lasts 0 second then deal its damage. The server delay which last 0.03 second cause dagon's debuff last 0.03 second actually. So in this 0.03 second, its damage can possibly be dodged but very hard. I'm not sure it is intended or not. But I feel this situation cannot be fixed. And here's the previous thread:

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    thanks for the explanation boys.

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