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When ground-targeting Boulder Smash, it does nothing when there is no remnant around Earth Spirit, or when there is no remnant around the targeted point. When there is a remnant around the targeted point, Earth Spirit will walk towards the remnant and smash it. However, there is a small issue.

1. Pick Earth Spirit and level up Boulder Smash
2. Place a Stone Remnant out of Boulder Smash cast range
3. Target Boulder Smash on the ground close to the remnant so that Earth Spirit starts walking up to it

Result: When a Remnant is detected within 150 range of the targeted point, Earth Spirit walks up exactly to the targeted point +150 range away from the point. This means if the remnant was detected at the edge of the small search radius, it won't get smash because Earth Spirit is too far away from it.

Expected: Earth Spirit should walk up to the detected remnant within the search radius, so the detected remnant gets smashed when Earth Spirit reaches it.