About this channeling bar which appears above the HUD when channeling a spell.

This bar immediately updates upon leveling a spell while channeling the spell. It should not do that, as it makes the bar display a wrong channel time.

1. Pick Puck, Riki, Tinker or Shadow Shaman
2. Level up Phase Shift, Tricks of the Trade, Rearm or Shackles up once
3. Start channeling the spell
4. While channeling it, level the spell up again

Result: The channeling bar's length immediately updates to the new level's channel time, although the already ongoing channeling does not update. In case of channelings which get longer (shift, tricks & shackles), the bar becomes too long so the ongoing channeling willl be finished before the bar reaches 0. In case of channelings which gets shorter (Rearm), the bar disappears before the channeling finishes.

Expected: The bar should not update, since the ongoing channeling itself doesn't either.

As seen in the video, leveling up the spells while channeling them causes the bar to mismatch the actual duration of the current channeling.