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Thread: [Confirmed] Decrepify does still not work on Tombstones

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    [Confirmed] Decrepify does still not work on Tombstones

    It has been so long already and it's broken still.

    Pugna's Decrepify should fully work on an allied Tombstone since 6.78, like how it does on Nether Wards. But as of now, although being able to target allied Tombstone, it does nothing when cast on them, wasting mana and cooldown.

    1. Pick Pugna and level up Decrepify
    2. Create an allied Undying and level up Tombstone
    3. Cast Tombstone
    4. Cast Decrepify on the Tombstone

    Result: Decrepify gets cast, goes in cooldown, uses mana, but the Tombstone is not decrepified.

    Expected: The Tombstone gets decrepified normally.

    Please, just call me buny.

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    Should be fixed.

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