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Thread: [C]Open Wounds can heal even when at 0 hp, preventing death if combined w/ Blade Mail

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    [C]Open Wounds can heal even when at 0 hp, preventing death if combined w/ Blade Mail

    Open Wounds is able to heal units who have 0 hp. When combined with Blade Mail, it can make the hero basically unkillable.

    1. Pick Lifestealer and level up Open Wounds and buy Blade Mail
    2. Cast Open Wounds on an enemy
    3. Activate Blade Mail
    4. Take damage which would be lethal for Lifestealer from the enemy affected by Open Wounds

    Result: The lethal damage brings Lifestealer's hp to 0 (as it should) and Blade Mail reflects the damage (as it should). Open Wounds then will heal Lifestealer based on the damage Blade Mail did to the enemy, putting his hp above 0 again and preventing death.

    Expected: Units should die when at 0 hp. Open Wounds should not heal units which are 0 hp (Bloodrage and Flesh Golem have the exact same bug).

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    Exclamation Life after death bug

    1.Pick wraith king buy aghainms scepter and level up reincarnation
    2.Add and ally which is lifesltear and level up open wounds
    3.Make sure lifestealer gets wraith king ghost form aura
    4.Add an enemy hero
    5.Let enemy hero hit lifestealer until he goes to ghost form
    6.use open wounds on enemy and blade mail before ghost form ends in 3 seconds

    Result:Lifestealer will Not die and he will reset HP to 1 and begin to regenerate
    Expected:Lifestealer should die

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    [Lifestealer] Open Wounds can spell lifesteal off of Blademail & heal from 0 to 1 hp

    Lifestealerís Open Wound spell is able to (spell) lifesteal off of nearly every damage instance, including spell & item damage.

    This makes it possible for Lifestealer to lifesteal off of Blademailís damage, even though other spell lifesteals having been changed to not be able to spell lifesteal off of Blademailís damage anymore.

    Additionally this can be stacked with the Wraith Delay aura (Skeleton Kingís Aghanimís Scepter upgraded ultimate) to prevent Lifestealer from dying to it (he can spell lifesteal off of the damage instance and heal himself from 0 to 1 HP).

    Any hero can survive the Wraith Delay damage, as long as Lifestealer uses Open Wounds on the enemy unit that put the allied hero under the threshold and as long as the ally that wants to survive uses Blademail.


    -Have an allied Wraith King carrying an Aghanimís Scepter and his Ult leveled.
    -Have a Blademail on Lifestealer, have Open Wounds leveled and be close to your allied Wraith King.
    -Use an enemy unit to make Lifestealerís HP drop to/below 1 HP, thus Lifestealer receives the Wraith Delay buff.
    -Use Open Wounds on the enemy unit that caused LSí HP to drop to/below 1 HP.
    -Use Blademail shortly before the Wraith Delay buff expires and while the enemy unit is still affected by Open Wounds.

    Lifestealer will now survive the Wraith Delay damage instance, that was supposed to kill him.
    The combat log states that Lifestealer managed to heal himself from 0 to 1 HP.

    Current behaviour: Lifestealerís Open Wounds can lifesteal off of Blademailís damage and heal himself from 0 HP.

    Intended/proposed behaviour: Open Wounds should either not be able to lifesteal off of Blademailís damage or simply not let LS heal himself from 0 HP.

    The first one would be consistent with the other spell lifesteals, while the second one would simply prevent LS from being able to prevent his own death, by healing himself from 0 HP.


    Combat log:
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