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Thread: [Video] Exiting games too quickly - unable to find match

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    [Video] Exiting games too quickly - unable to find match

    See video. When exiting the game too quickly the Panorama UI gets confused. My Steam nickname is "Poof". But when hovering over my avatar it says my name is "МаГиСтР_ЙоДа" (Phantom Assassin from last game). When creating a new lobby it says my name is "очковая кобра" (Pudge from last game).
    As a result of all this I cannot queue for a new game.

    0:51 the name is still wrong ("МаГиСтР_ЙоДа"). 0:56 now the name is correct ("Poof"). When the correct name is displayed I can queue again.

    This always happens when I leave games too quickly. If I wait a bit before clicking the close button then there is no issue. If you don't manage to make it display your correct name you won't be able to queue.

    Here is another video.
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    So that's what causes the find match button to disappear..
    Please, just call me buny.

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    ^ this.. anyone know how long should wait before exit to not have to reopen? i am in bed

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    This has been in the game ever since Reborn and is a problem with Steam and how it launches Dota 2 and it's Cloud settings.
    It was less apparent before, but I've even provided step-by-steps as to document "mysterious" hotkeys/settings resetting themselves that is linked to this.
    Sadly, it was only partially fixed, so that's why it resurfaced with Underlord.

    How long to wait? Well, Steam configuration uses absurd timers/timeouts, the safest is 5mins!

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