1. Pick Morphling and level up Replicate
2. Create an enemy Tusk and level up Walrus Punch
3. Cast Replicate on Tusk
4. Cast Walrus Punch on the Replicate
5. While the Replicate is in the air, cast Morph Replicate

Result: When Morph Replicate is cast while the illu is in the air, Morphling's facing angle will be messed up. It considers the z axis as well, causing Morphling to face down or upwards, based on where the illusion was facing thanks to the punch.

Expected: Morph Replicate's forced-facing effect on Morphling upon should ignore the z axis of the Replicate illusion. It should set Morphling's facing angle based on the x and y axis only.

(Replicate bug starts at 0:35)