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Thread: [Brewmaster]Messed up facing angle when Primal Split expires during Walrus Punch/Kick

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    [Brewmaster]Messed up facing angle when Primal Split expires during Walrus Punch/Kick

    Walrus Punch and Kick can cause you to face other ways than horizontal, it can even completely spin you upside down. This has a direct impact on stuff which works with facing angles like Force Staff and can cause you to be "invisible" when timed right (180 spinned).

    1. Pick Brewmaster and level up Primal Split
    2. Create an enemy Tusk and level up Walrus Punch
    3. Cast Primal Split
    4. Right before Split is about to expire, cast Walrus Punch on Earth
    4.1. Time it so that Primal Split expires while Earth is hurling in the air

    Result: When Primal Split ends while the element is in the air, Brewmaster's facing angle will be messed up. It considers the z axis as well, causing Brewmaster to face down or upwards, based on where the element was facing thanks to the punch.

    Expected: Primal Split's forced-facing effect on Brewmaster upon expiring should ignore the z axis of Earth/Storm/Fire. It should set Brewmaster's facing angle based on the x and y axis only.

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