Timbersaw's Chakrams seem to consider height as well. So when Timbersaw stands at almost max range before the Chakrams auto-return, getting Tossed straight up in the air will make them return.

1. Pick Timbersaw and level up Chakram
2. Create a Tiny and level up Toss
3. Cast Cold Chakram
4. Move away from the Chakram so that it is still within range and doesn't auto-return
5. Cast Toss on Timbersaw so that he gets tossed straight up

Result: When standing far enough, the height caused by Toss causes the Chakram to return, despite Timbersaw not having moved further away from it.

Expected: Chakrams should ignore the z position of Timbersaw and only check for x/y positions. The distance check should be a circle, and not a sphere.