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Thread: DDOS attackers DC'ing team as fight starts, DC 2 other players

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    DDOS attackers DC'ing team as fight starts, DC 2 other players

    Match ID : 2595426727

    DDOS attackers:

    Near the middle of our match, we had been pulling out some really good fights and regaining control of the game.

    Then suddenly our team DCs entirely and we're down 2 heroes and they take 2 towers.

    It's very pathetic that these people can't deal with losing and so they resort to hacking to stop themselves from failing. Later there was another set of DCs when we lost Centaur entirely.
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    I had the same thing happen to me, I can't say I knew who was going to win. But all or most my team disconnected twice while the other team didn't. Logging back in we we're all at the fountain while the other team was taking a tower the first time and a raxx the second time. One of the opposing players blatantly stated. "but we can ddos u)" (Minute 41), disconnects happened at 21:01 and 38:57 in the replay.

    Match ID : 3061327040

    Suspected offenders. One or all of these(they were a team).

    If possible I would also like to know if there is an official policy or standard way of reporting this.

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