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Thread: [Suggestion] A useful set of ideas for a Better Dota 2 experience

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    Arrow [Suggestion] A useful set of ideas for a Better Dota 2 experience

    ◄◄►-(added picture example at end of post for your viewing pleasure)--◄►►

    ◄◄As we all know, not everyone of us is capable of speaking english. Still, we could get Past this Issue by having a Universal Hotkey Communication System.
    Besides having "Text" as the main way to carry our Messages, we could also have more Visually-Oriented messages (like special-working pings on the minimap)

    ►Basically, we will need to have a few Hotkeys that will send Predefined Text Messages, for example:
    Pressing F6 will send the message "Help!" to the team, and will also Encircle our current location on the minimap (perhaps with a flashing effect).
    Also having a Yellow flashing effect on the "Hero in distress" (in 3d mode, not on the minimap) may greatly reduce the time needed to see him.

    ◄And now you're wondering: "How is this thing "Universal" besides the, let's say, Unique way the Help command behaves on the minimap and on the hero?"
    ►A: Well, here comes the Very thing we will be needing From the beginning: "A Language-Adaptable Messaging system":
    For example, I have dota 2 in English and my friend has it in French - If I press F6 (the "Help" command - just an example), my friend Will Not see "Help!" - Instead, he Will See: "Aider Moi!".

    This is how the system is supposed to work. Of course we don't need "secondary minimap/3d effects" (like the flashing yellow effect on the hero requesting help) for all the commands, but it would be great if they would be implemented where possible (for example when someone sends a "Follow me!" message, his hero will flash green and he will have a green effect on his position on the minimap).

    Some more example commands (that will be seen according to Each One's Game client Language):
    -Let's go Here
    -Follow me
    -Spread around
    -Rune at Top/Bottom

    Edit: A limit of 4 uses of a command (you may use "help" 4 times at max, "retreat" for 4 times etc) per minute and a delay of 3 seconds between "help" messages (5/7/10 sec for the other messages)

    TLDR: Benefits of having an Understandable-by-everyone-according-to-game-language hotkey messaging system (accompanied where possible by minimap/hero markers/effects) would be:
    -Better communication
    -Fewer leaves/ragings
    -Better game experience
    -Better player cooperation => better people (due to a better community based on Communication)

    P.S. - I am aware of the french error (mispelling)

    ◄◄Ok guys, now it's time to Voice your Opinions! Let it begin... NOW!►►

    This is how the effect should look (the flashing effect should occur about 7 times per "help" command and the playback should be about 1.5 times (1.5x) faster)
    You may want to Right Click -> View Image on the picture to see that the minimap effect is quite ok (visibility-wise), although a better one would be recommended
    I think the yellow "HELP" text message should flash in the same way as the minimap/3d effects - much more visible.

    P.S. Just to remind you that some people may want the 3d visual effect to be an Option (turn on/off)

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    This is actually not bad! xD
    THere will be a lot like this xD

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    This is pretty neat.

    It would also help communication because the game generated text could be shown in the various languages.

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    Sounds like a command system to me. Has been suggested before and parts of it are currently being implemented into the game as far as i can tell.

    Very nice picture though. Respect!
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    Thanks for your feedback guys! I'll go post this in the common suggestion list to see if it gets in there.

    @blash365 - Thank you, Sir! Although it's my work, the creator of the editing program deserves the credit
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    ◄►[Suggestion] A useful set of ideas for a Better Dota 2 experience ◄►
    A few possible sollutions for graphical/game problems

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    "3d hero bling bling" - EPIC, made me smile

    Yes, perhaps you're right, but I really think the flashing would be AWESOME for beginners who Don't know What to Look for.

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    I don't like the bling bling too...

    I prefer some icon over her head, something like tf2 "MEDIC".

    The bling bling could confuse with other abilities.

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    perhaps something (an icon) right above the health/mana bar's Support (which holds them along with HP number) should flash along with the support instead of the entire hero?

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