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Thread: Brazilian Servers

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    Feb 2013
    Br servers are literally dying right now. it Frezzes every 5 seconds for 10-15 seconds. Game timer doesnt move forward everything frezzes. its min 26 ingame and we've been playing for like 40 minutes

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    could you check my accont in dota 2 ? since 2 days ago I can't play. when I search match, found it but I accept many times and it says that I didn't answer, and I am punished for that. The game says later that is something wrong with my server, but I am connect normally. Before that happened, I was punished in low priority because of my server, even onlinne. I've already check my internet and uninstalled the Dota 2, but nothing was solved.

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    I was with 20 ping, now I'm 32, fix this please.
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    Jun 2017
    Impossible to play... ping 140 - 300 ms all time

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    Some dota modes with dedicated servers like IMBA takes a long time in 'searching server' status.. So players give up from waiting. I can'y play modes like these anymore. It's sad. :/
    As far I know, it's happen in brazil servers only.

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    Very high packet loss (15-60 ingame indicator) from Buenos Aires to Chile/South American servers. The ISP is Telecom Argentina. Pinging other IPs result in 0 packet loss, it's a routing issue.

    This is happening for a week or so already. Impossible to play since the game can be okey for 10mins and then have slideshow for 20mins (60% packet loss).

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