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Thread: Finding match takes forever

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    Finding match takes forever

    My dota 2 id no. is 490980844. I used to find match within no longer than 15 minutes. My last game is 11th April 2018. After that match, when I find match, I couldn't find any single match, even now.

    I tried both ranked (random draft / all pick)[Eu West, East, Southeast asia, India, Japan server], unraked (all pick / turbo / ability draft / single draft), but the result was same.

    I thought maybe my pc has an issue so I did format my pc and redownload everything, but still my account is finding match without getting any single game.

    I can spectate the games, join lobby game, and find match. And I could see other players are enjoying their games without having issue like me, so I am wondering why is this happening to me.

    I searched the solution through google and there was no solution for this. Please help me out with this..

    P.S: This is my dotabuff
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    Any solution for this??

    Third day in a row stuck in FINDINGM MAATCH for over 2 hours.

    yestarday I couldnīt find a match for4 hours.

    today, itīs been 2,5 hours, already and NO MATCH

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