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Thread: DotA’s Interaction with Directional Audio Scaling

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    DotA’s Interaction with Directional Audio Scaling

    Directional Audio Scaling:

    - This is a feature that many computers have which allows the user to shift the audio coming from speakers on both sides of the computer to speakers on just one side of the computer. It effectively mutes/turns off one sides speakers, and reroutes the audio to the speakers on the other side.

    How I think DotA interacts with System Audio:

    - The game “goes over” the system audio. The audio from the game is sent directly to the speakers. The sound sent to the speakers blends but does not overwrite system audio (aka you can play music in the background while playing DotA)

    - Because the system is set to directional audio scaling, one side’s speakers are muted/shut off. Because DotA sends the audio directly to the speakers, it doesn’t know that one side is muted, and still sends its audio directly to the muted/turned off speakers.

    - This leads to the game loosing approximately 50% of its audio content when sound from “one side of the screen” attempts to go through the muted/turned off speakers without being rerouted by the computer/system for directional audio scaling.

    One thing that I can suggest to solve this issue, is to allow a stereo/mono option. It would help people (like me) who are hard of hearing much similarly to the way color blind mode helps those who are color blind

    I am not confident if these are the correct interactions, they are my best guess. What I can say for certain, is that the effects I have indicated have occurred to me on my Macbook Pro running El Capitan 10.11.6.
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