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Thread: [Confirmed] Lifesteal malfunctioning

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    Exclamation [Confirmed] Lifesteal malfunctioning

    In the game I died cause satanic does't worked. I taked a lot of damage on sven, then activated satanic, maked 1-2 hits on enemy heroes and does't healed. I checked replay ( and I don't understand, why. Looks like bug or I'm just stupid \_(ツ)_/ Match ID 2656599540, Time: 28:50
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    Oh common can U just say something? I checked all the options and still can't undderstand why satanic does't working.

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    There are actually 2 bugs at work here, both of which haven't been reported yet (as far as I know).

    First bug: If an attack already started (animation already started), additional lifesteal gained during the animation is ignored. So the lifesteal is basically set upon attack begin. This bug prevented your first attack from lifestealing for 200%.

    1. Have Satanic
    2. Start an attack on an enemy
    3. During the attack animation, activate Satanic's active ability

    Result: Your attack will have 25% lifesteal, only applying the passive lifesteal of the item. The additional 175% from the cast are not applied

    Expected: Lifesteal should be checked upon attack hit, not begin. If you gain additional lifesteal during the animation of an attack, that attack should apply the additional lifesteal as well.

    Second bug: If you attack a Meepo, and a secondary Meep dies to your cleave damage, then your cleave damage will kill off Meepo before your attack damage even hits your primary attack target. This bug prevented your second hit from lifestealing.

    1. Have cleave
    2. Have 2 Meepoes close to each other
    3. Have one of the Meepoes at low health so that it dies to the first cleave instance
    4. Attack the Meepo who is not at low health while having Lifesteal

    Result: The Meepo dies to cleave, before your attack damage is applied to the primary target. This prevents the lifesteal.

    Expected: Cleave should deal its damage after the attack damage is applied, not before. Its timing is off. Its damage should be before reductions, but the damage should be after the attack damage was applied on the main target.

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    How about Fatal Bonds? Does it work like Meepo or lifesteal normally?

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