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Thread: Account hacked - will my mmr be restored?

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    Account hacked - will my mmr be restored?

    So my dota 2 account was hacked. I know it will get restored but its taking steam a while to do this.

    My account was 7700mmr and now it has gone down to 7400 after only 2 days. This took months of hard work. Will valve be able to restore my mmr?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aveyo View Post
    Nope. Hacking yourself does not count.

    P.S. You are were you belong.

    i was hacked and my account was stolen, and I'm where I belong?

    I contacted steam support and they said the hacker provided evidence that he was an owner of the account, I have no idea how this was possible but I've provided evidence to prove it's my account anyway. In the meantime this guy has played many games on my account that are all losses but luckily he's now in low priority

    I'm asking a serious question, please don't joke around. It took me years to reach 7.7k, I was on the verge of hitting 8k and my mmr is all going down the drain..
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    Not the first to ask for something like this, and no one ever managed to reset it's game history because it would be unfair to the others, mmr inflation etc.
    Plus, it's your fault for not securing your account, and there are consequences. Valve only restores the inventory, as per agreement, and even that can be denied in some circumstances. It will surely be denied the second time...

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