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Thread: Really Really loud sound effects when CK is on the team

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    Sound bug at practice with bots

    So the bug wont appear from the start of the game . it will start when a chaos knight bot dies . After that the sound of his spells will be only at that spot and on him when he revives . i thought it would be on the new terrain but i tested on other ones and there were still a bug.

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    Still not fixed, played a bot match were CK was on the bot team.. had to turn off the sound
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    Drum of Endurance Bug

    Hi Guys,

    *Edit it is not the drum of endurance

    I've noticed that a item is causing the unit to make a Hiss/static sound throughout the game if used once..

    Come to think of it, i dont know if its cause by an item, as i cant recreate it on myself.. only the bots are able of causing it. and so far its only one bot that does it. random sides

    Anyone else experience this?
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    I had major sound problems in my ultimately aborted (due to enemy AI) bot match today, too, where it sounds like the ocean many times and voices/audio often didn't play. Juggernaut was on my team and Wraith King was on the opposing team.
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    My issue is exactly the one explained in the above thread


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    This is fixed.
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