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Thread: 7.1 sound seems to be bugged.

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    Exclamation 7.1 sound seems to be bugged.

    Started up dota 2 after the battle pass update and after joining a game I noticed that the sound was cutting out whenever another sound started to play. It was most noticeable around creeps, the walking sound was pretty loud and it kept cutting out when the sound of them fighting came in. So basically a sound would start and then something else would trigger another sound and when the 2nd sound started the first one would break up and cut out. I simply switched to stereo on my 7.1 headset. I know my headphones are not truly 7.1 but they sound really good when dota is outputting 7.1. Anyone else having this issue?
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    I have also had this problem when playing bots. I played razor with a friend and the entire mid-lane sounded like a constant waterfall. If we moved into the bot or top lane the sound went away. I also had issues with the shop not making noises and no announcers. My friend and I both had the issue.

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