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I take the exact opposite stance as you.

Quality matches mean more than (nearly) any queue time. In a game like dota where games are regularly 35-60m, waiting an additional 5+ minutes to get a quality match is far more important and enjoyable. If the games were shorter, something like sc2, 10-15m, I may share your sentiment but considering how much emphasis is put into teamwork and team cohesion in dota and the length of the games, quality opponents and teammates trump all.

There is NO gain to having a 3m queue if you're going to have to endure 45m of poor quality games. This is completely imbalanced in terms of fun had/time invested.

I understand there are issues with having such a small playerbase and many of the MM gripes will go away when there are 10x more players online, but to read 'valve' thinks that a faster queue is more meaningful than a quality game is so mindblowing, I'm almost at a loss.

tl;dr - a fast queue is irrelevent if you have to suffer for 35-60m in a horrible game.
Your summary does not reflect my thoughts on this matter.

Right now the average wait time is about 3-4 minutes - if I understand you correctly you would like the wait time to increase 5 minutes to 8-9 minutes on average?