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Thread: Matchmaking taking absurdly long to find game after I moved to other continent

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    Matchmaking taking absurdly long to find game after I moved to other continent


    I cant post this on the fixed topics because its a intercontinent (interservers?) thing. I was living in South America, where I had a 5 min queue medium to find a ranked match. Im currently in the 3k bracket. Since I have moved to Europe, I cannot find a ranked match within less then 20 minutes. Its pretty strange, as I have choosen the East Europe, West Europe, and Russia servers to play, and select the "No language Selected" option (its so dumb that we cant choose more then one language!). My ping to those servers is around 40-80 ms. It doesnt matter much the hour that I try to play, its always the same. Also, I have selected all ranked games mode - more chance to find a game.

    What is going on? How can I solve this? Is it any of my configurations? I have tried to change for english or spanish or portuguese language, but I get the same wait time. I have heard from other people in here that they can find game within 5 minutes.

    If you need any other info to help solve this, just tell me.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Look at this, Its taking 45 min right now to find a game. There is definitely something wrong! Its not like Im 9k to take this long to find a match! Im 3k, thats the biggest amount of players bracket possible.
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    I reinstalled the game, and in the first time I played, I could find games in less then 5 minutes. Then, the next time I opened the game, it was already impossible to find a match again. 20 min at minimum to find it. I think it has something to do with cloud syncing.

    Anyone knows how to help? I thought that this was supposed to be a techinichal help forum from the developers, but still no one ever answers

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