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Thread: Interface broken in hero select, unable to select a hero without randoming

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    Interface broken in hero select, unable to select a hero without randoming

    I was in a standard All Pick game today. I did a quick search for Mirana and then shadow picked her (or whatever the term is for having her selected but not picked). Shortly afterwards one of my teammates randomed and got Mirana. After that point, I could no longer select any hero even after pressing escape in an attempt to clear the filter. I ended up clicking the random hero button and got Lone Druid. After randoming, my enter game button said "Enter battle as Mirana", all of the hero icons were still being displayed, and in the background Outworld Devourer's model was visible (he was the hero I had played in the previous match).

    I did not try to pick Mirana at the same time that the other guy randomed her or any other such edge case. I was simply sitting there having had her pre-selected for a good 10 seconds or so not touching anything.

    Screenshot 2016-10-15 22.39.10.png - What I saw after the other player randomed Mirana (I was the Yellow player).
    Screenshot-2016-10-15-22.39.43.jpg - What I saw after choosing a random hero (Lone Druid).

    Match ID: 2713590636

    EDIT: I probably could have picked a hero had I cleared the search box in the top right, but I didn't realize it was there at the time (since I usually just type into the main window, and press escape to remove the filter). I'll leave this here though since there's still clearly a UI bug.
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