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Thread: I get 22fps when g-sync is in windowed mode

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    I get 22fps when g-sync is in windowed mode

    When i set my g-sync to "Enable G-SYNC for windowed and fullscreen mode", i get 22fps in dota 2 when in borderless window mode(no problem when in fullscreen mode)

    I actually get more fps when out of focus(~37). For now i'm just setting my G-SYNC to fullscreen only but i hope this gets fixed.

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    Ask Nvidia to fix it, since it's their "hacked" feature.
    It really makes no sense technically to have G-SYNC while not being fullscreen.
    Sure, they can do app detection, find a 3d app running, then force G-SYNC globally (desktop + everything) and then market it as such.

    - you probably need the whole bloat with Geforce Experience installed
    - you probably need to create profiles for Dota 2 manually, i.e. browse to and pick the 32bit/64bit executables
    - it can still fail since Dota 2 uses the Steam launcher intermediator, so you probably need to launch the game from direct shortcuts to the above executables
    - you are probably better off using it as you should - with fullscreen

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