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Thread: Shuffle not working correctly

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    Shuffle not working correctly

    I have 2 dozen load screens, 3 terrians, 3 weather effects, 4 wards and 3 HUDs that are all set to shuffle.

    I see the same 4 Load Screens over and over. I have 1 dominate terrian that is chosen 80% pf the time so I can play a dozen games and not see any of them but 1. I hardly see more then 1 weather effect and my wards are a little better but i never see one of them and I only see 1 of my HUDs.. it never rotates.

    I do have 3 couriers and they do rotate (shuffle) as they should...
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    This is relatively true. Somewhere around 1 in 5 of my load screens appears to not be a consistent load screen. The good thing is that it does seem to change occasionally from time to time getting stuck on another. I haven't noticed this recently. Last week it was certainly an issue.

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