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Thread: Matchmaking through me in a game with someone who I "blocked all communication from".

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    I'd like to point out that most of the posters itt have arguments against they way a blacklist would be implemented if they had to do it, which is a pretty dumb way to go about it.

    For example there's Automedic, assuming that MM works by simply dumping people into buckets until they're filled, which is probably wrong. If I had to make a guess I'd say you are constantly matched against every person queing and once a decent group of 10 is found the game is ready. It doesn't simply add them one by one and then waits for hours without trying a different set of players, otherwise you'd see much longer waiting periods.

    Other previous posters are arguing that you'd abuse this by ignoring thousands of people that are better than you, so as to have a bigger chance of going against pubstompable teams. This is another pointless argument since there's an obvious solution that's already been brought up, which is limiting the ammount of people you can block, and even if you're in the high MM where there's fewer people, the ammount of players there is bound to increase drastically when the game goes out of closed beta.
    And also assuming that you'd get to a high level of matchmaking by blocking out all good players is silly, since even if you're playing against all bads you are bound to lose a significant ammount of games, and since you're losing those games against low-rated people (again this is my guess) you'd go down a lot in the MM.

    All in all I don't see any decent argument against this, except maybe that it's not worth the bother, since after release there will be enough people to make it rather unlikely for someone to be matched with/against the same players too often. Even if currently, at the low hours, it's almost impossible to play rd or sd without seeing the same faces around.

    So, yeah TL;DR: Make arguments against the idea, not against how it could be wrongly implemented.

    +The satisfaction of not having to ever see some particular griefers again.
    -You will rarely if ever see them anyway.

    +Not really, if implemented correctly.

    -Long MM waiting periods.
    +Not particularly, specially after release.

    -No practical uses.
    +Appeases the raging masses a bit.

    Also, noones saying this will only be used against griefers, trolls or "the bad", but then who cares? It's only a personal choice of who to avoid that'd keep people happy.
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    So because a blacklist can be mildly abused by some very dedicated high tier banning jerk, I am to be left open to the same ping spam abuse by Jerky McDipstick? That isn't fair to me. The single positive effect of NOT re-queuing me with the griefer who just ruined my game far outweighs the con of some chump playing only low tier games (as if that is a victory for him?).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little_Gizka View Post
    Could you describe them in detail? They're not very obvious to me, unfortunately.
    U just said it urself
    U want to use it because report doesnt do its job
    Blacklisting intentinal game ruiners is the job of the report system
    and 95% will only use it to blacklist ppl who sucked in one game
    so it wont change anything at all-and that is why stuff like this is never implemented

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